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2010-02-11 Itukula Village
October 16, 2010

I had to repent because I never finished uploading my blog posts after we returned from Uganda. So here they are one at a time. I will do better next time! 2010-02-11 Itukula Village Today has been a whirlwind! We held our first medical clinic and evangelistic ministry in the village of […] [READ MORE]

A Wide Door for Effective Ministry- Part 2
March 11, 2010

A Wide Door of opportunity - Part 2 [I am just now getting the chance to place my journaling online. Better late than never, right? I'll add my entries as I would have had I posted them while in Jinja, so the most recent post will be the most recent journal […] [READ MORE]

A wide door for effective ministry...Part 1
February 13, 2010

Almost two-thousand years ago, in his first letter to the church at Corinth, the Apostle Paul penned these words: “...a wide door for effective ministry has opened for me—yet many oppose me.” (Holman CSB) I thought a lot about Paul earlier this week as our mission team was waiting to […] [READ MORE]

I'm Leavin' in the Mornin', when the sun comes up!
February 8, 2010

My daughter is a persforming artist and one of her songs is Leavin' in the Mornin'. I have those words going over and over in my head right now, because I am in fact leaving Roanoke in the morning to hook up with the rest of the mission team. This […] [READ MORE]

96 Hours to Go...Uganda here we come!
February 2, 2010

96 Hours to Go...Uganda here we come! Hey everyone! This is Sandi. On February 6, 2010 I'll be embarking on my third missionary journey to Uganda. I will be traveling with the Mission Link International mission team which is comprised of approximately thirty team member, many of whom will be logging […] [READ MORE]