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I'm Leavin' in the Mornin', when the sun comes up!
February 8, 2010

My daughter is a persforming artist and one of her songs is Leavin' in the Mornin'. I have those words going over and over in my head right now, because I am in fact leaving Roanoke in the morning to hook up with the rest of the mission team. This weekend's delay, although a disappointment at first, allowed me to spend some extra family time before taking off for two weeks. My two sons, daughter, oldest granddaughter and I played in the snow and actually built a 255 square-feet snow castle down at the park. They will be finishing it this morning shortly after I leave Roanoke.

Zipporah, Jedidiah, Troy and Sandi

The snow castle we are building

I'm so excited that the time is finally here to depart. I'm expecting God to do so much in and through each team member, and am expecting Him to confirm His Word with signs following as the bible says He will.

Thanks to each of you who are taking the time to read our blogs and lift our names up in  prayer. We appreciate it sooo much! And I want to thank Mis Glassell for all of the hard work she had in changing flights for us and getting everything organized and ready . God has a special reward for people like you...organizing and keeping a mission trip on schedule is a lot of work!

We'll update you from either Dulles or Amsterdam. 'Til next time...



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