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Destination:  UGANDA '10

Woo-hoo and Hallelu...I am a blogger now!

Please come along with us as we journey to UGANDA where we will look for God at work and join Him!


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March 13, 2010

Setting priorities...putting Christ first! Decluttering our hearts and minds by simplifying our lives. (I spoke at our women's group at church, GIRLS NIGHT OUT, on Tuesday, and I thought I would share my heart here with you also.) My heart is so hope is that I can share a tiny glimpse of […] [READ MORE]

A word from Dustin
March 12, 2010

Back in my routine and back to the grind. And I actually did come home with more than just a tan! I had a lot of incredible experiences, but the ones that stick out above the rest are the times I got to spend with a special friend and mentor that […] [READ MORE]

Destination: UGANDA-->from Dennis
March 8, 2010

UGANDA 2010: New experiences, new relationships, old relationships grown…a quick summary of this year. This was my third trip to Uganda and it never ceases to amaze me at how appreciative and thankful the people of Uganda are. They don’t know that they are poor and they are just as joyful as […] [READ MORE]

The Last Flight Out!
February 24, 2010

For months we had been praying, planning, preparing, and finally packing to head to UGANDA on February 6th only to have our flight canceled and rescheduled due to our record breaking snow storm. Two days later we excitedly headed to Dulles International Airport, went through checking in all 54 of […] [READ MORE]

Uganda Women's Ministries
February 23, 2010

  Been busy today snapping pictures and uploading them on my FACEBOOK GROUP-->UGANDA WOMEN'S MINISTRIES!  I brought home lots of paper necklaces to sell, and already, God is blessing! Take a peek, be part of this awesome ministry to the women and children in Uganda!  And besides, the necklaces are great gifts..very […] [READ MORE]

If you BELIEVE, you will see the Glory of God!
February 22, 2010

  God is so faithful!  I woke up this morning to an email from Harriet rejoicing as she told me that God had sent the rain!  One of my mission highlights this year was a day alone with Harriet, my dear Ugandan sister.  We travelled to different villages to share with the womens […] [READ MORE]

Mission Accomplished!
February 21, 2010

Destination:  Jinja, UGANDA '10-->MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, all to the Glory of God! Thanks for stopping by!  In the next week or so I hope to be on here each day sharing stories of God at work in Uganda!  I apologize that it didn't happen while were were there, but I journaled, and […] [READ MORE]

Tomorrow,'re only a day away!
February 7, 2010

In case you are wondering, plans are to blow this popstand tomorrow, Monday...same flight, two days later!  Phew, what a weekend...but PRAISED HIM through it and are excited for tomorrow!  Lost power yesterday morning..what a storm!  Game night in front of the gas fireplace last night...woke up to 47 degrees […] [READ MORE]

Taking my "Beautiful Feet" to Uganda on Monday!
February 5, 2010

Hey Bloggers...thought I will fill you in with the latest update, fresh off the press. "Destination:  UGANDA '10" has been rescheduled to depart on Monday, same flight, different day.  I know this is God's perfect plan as many of you have 'prayed forward' about our travels with us, and yet, my […] [READ MORE]

Be Still and Know!
February 5, 2010

"Who will go?" "Here we are, Lord, Send us!" But we just don't know when!  We are supposed to be on a flight tomorrow evening out of Dulles International Airport, but if you have looked at the weather here, hmmmmmm, I don't think it is going to happen.  I am being really […] [READ MORE]

Destination: UGANDA '10 Team
February 4, 2010

Hey Blogger Buds! Thanks for dropping by! I thought I would take a minute to give you the names of the team members so that you can pray for each one individually! Here goes: Bonnie Bates Sandi Bird Pastor Jackie Carver Mike Cramer Dr. John Cramer Wendell Drumheller Terri Evans Randy Fox Dennis, Terri and Dustin Alice Heatwole Charlie Kardos Christi Lipscomb Dr. Jim and […] [READ MORE]

Praying forward!
February 2, 2010

One week from today we will be boarding our flight from Dulles Airport to "DESTINATION: UGANDA '10" via Amsterdam. We are ready to blow this popstand for UGANDA, what what!!! Please pray with us over PLAN B! The weather forecast looks scary so a decision will be made tomorrow for getting […] [READ MORE]